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Perfect Image – TongShuo: app iphone

Perfect Image – TongShuo: app iphone

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Genere: Foto e video

Data di uscita: 12/10/2011

Perfect Image is an easy-to-use post-processing photo editor with powerful functions. With help of it, you can easily create fascinating special effects for photos. You can get excellent workpieces which rival with professional ones.

★★ Features★★

★New added Collage function, supporting pictures with high definition

☆Template Collage :Lots of creative nice templates and colorful photoframes(234 templates,30 photoframes)

☆Free Collage: Freely adjust pictures size/rotation/position,auto layout supported(up to 42 types as prebuilt and 36 types of background as options)

☆Splice Photo: Allow you to make multiple(max. 9 pieces) photos into one picture in a particular sequence.Customized sequence and optional backgrounds for photoframes

☆Free Editing :With all above modes ,you can be allowed to edit any single photo in the Collage(Crop/Filter/Stickers/Dialogue Box…),also you can edit the Collage.

★Outstanding and Innovative Filters! We supply 45 types of exclusive filter effects which surprisingly bring unusual happiness to both your friends and you.

☆Supporting self-defined filter zones! By brush or eraser, You can make smear or erasing effects around zones in need.To support resizable brush,selectable modes(gradient/solid) as well as eraser mode.

☆Real-time zoom-in function for smear! Creative new trial! You can view the areas covered under the fingers when performing smear.It will reach the same precision as using pointing devices .

☆Support Full-Size Screen! You can apply zoom-in for editing images, getting the most out of physical screen field.

★Lovely deco for your photos! lots of lovely deco sources, easy to make up your expected effects! Moving, Zooming, Rotating and Mirroring flip at your will.

★Featured Doodle Work! There are lots of sweety lovely paint brushes in cartoon style which make your photos more wonderful and interesting.

★Text Dialogue Box! To support add-on dialogue boxes for text input,built-in all sources of dialogue boxes. To support all kinds of fonts, colors, and character transparency.

★Awesome functions of images clip! Supporting rectangular, round, oval, star and polygons etc. as many as 19 kinds of shapes. Also supporting all types of scales, and rotary clipping zones.

★Rotary Images! Supporting all-degree rotation; up-down or left-right flip.

★Parameters Setting! At any time, you can tune up parameters such as exposure, hue, saturation, contrast etc.

★Fancy PhotoFrames! Up to 68 frames in 5 categories with different styles.

★Portrait or Landscape Mode! On iPad, you can rotate screen horizontally or vertically as you like.

★Auto Save of history work! You are allowed to stop or restart at any time.

★Social media support! You can store your work into local album, and also share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Sina, or sent by Email.
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Perfect Image – TongShuo: app iphone



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